Decent and Affordable Homes for230 Low Income Families in Gujarat January 2011 – December-2011

Jul 03, 17.

Habitat for Humanity is deeply grateful to H N Safal for their generousgap funding of Rs.51 lakhs to provide decent and affordable homes for 230 low income families in Gujarat.
Project Overview
Two hundred and thirty beneficiaries of government housing schemes – Sardar Awas Yojana (SAY) and Indira Awas Yojana (IAY) approached Habitat for Humanity’s partner ANaRDe Foundation for financial support to build new houses. Through these government schemes – SAY or IAY, each beneficiary received a grant of Rs. 45,000.
However, this amount was not sufficient to complete the houses.
H N Safal Group bridged this gap through a generous donation and 230 families were able to construct their own homes and gain access to safe and decent shelter.
The project “Decent and Affordable Homes for 230 low income families in Gujarat” supported by H N Safal Group from January – December, 2011 had the following objectives:
1) To support 230 low income families of Gujarat to live in better and affordable homes by constructing new houses.
2) To promote appropriate local construction technology and housing solutions among these families.
The project spanned five districts of Gujarat including Amreali, Himmatnagar, Dharampur (Valsad), Mehsana and Anand. Two hundred and thirty families comprising 1150 individuals have benefitted from the project.