Jul 03, 17.

Gujarat, since the ages is proud of its rich heritage and tradition, its culture and economic prosperity. Ahmedabad, the 7th largest city of India, has been the business and financial capital of Gujarat and is proliferating with no boundaries.
With an active involvement of various government and private bodies, Gujarat Institute of Housing and Estate Developers (GIHED) has successfully represented Gujarat as a real estate hub by organizing ‘GIHED Property Show’ every year with over 500 residential and commercial properties to be on display. This mega-event has provided the industry players with great values and benefits, putting forth to them, the immense business possibilities in real estate
GIHED is one of the most eagerly awaited events in Gujarat and Maharashtra. People from all stratums of life dream of having their own house and that is the reason why people find this event as the best way to pick up their kind of property.
HN Safal has been extremely active in such events and that is the reason why the company again chose to become the main sponsor of the event. HN Safal had the property show in Mumbai on the 10th and 11th of September in association with GIHED and the response there was very positive. People have shown a lot of interest in property market of Ahmedabad and that is always welcoming.
GIHED, Ahmedabad was held for 3 days on the 30th Sep, 1st Oct and 2nd Oct. As expected the response here was alluring and in big number. Property worth Rs 22000 crore was on display at the show and the visitors had plenty to choose from. More than 5 lakh people visited the seventh annual GIHED property show.

Since Flora, Orchid Greenfield, Orchid Harmony and Orchid Elegance are the latest in the pipeline for HN Safal, about 60 percent of the inquiries were related those schemes. Apart from residential segments, inquiries for shops and offices were also on higher side. Like last year HN Safal attracted visitors with a small game and queue’s had to be managed to make them play.
Overall the event was a huge success and footfalls were even higher than before. HN Safal will look forward to such opportunities in future.
The show aims at providing an Interface for the retail and Institutional investors of Gujarat & Maharashtra with national and international financial institutes.
HN Safal, being a leading real estate company in the state of Gujarat. With over 10 years of experience, HN Safal knows the importance of brand awareness. As a part of marketing strategy, HN Safal became the main sponsor of the GIHED Property show for the second consecutive year. As expected, it was a great hit for HN Safal.
There are people who have surplus amount of money with them and prefer parking their money in property as an investment and there are people who want to shift to the house of their dreams and thus it serves both the types.