Celebrates World Environment Day
HN Safal Celebrates World Environment Day - June 5th 2014
We at HN Safal are conscious of the fact that our activities have a direct and immediate effect on our employees, stakeholders and society as a whole – not to mention the wider natural world.
Not only do we go out on a limb to preserve natural greenery around sites, but we also try to create a healthy ecosystem wherever possible comprising Gardens, Parks and Aesthetic water bodies. HN Safal has also brought a novel concept of “Building Homes around Trees and not Trees around Homes.”
HN Safal has always made sustainable development and believes in contributing to Society through Business. To make deliberate and Strategic efforts towards Society HN Safal carries out various CSR activities through the Foundation. The activities are mainly in the field of Health, Education, Environment, Employment, Rural Transformation and eradication of Poverty.
At the heart of the Ahmedabad Urban Development Area (AUDA), we have created (and continue to maintain) a 45,000 sq. ft. Community Park, which boasts verdant landscapes, a children’s play area and a jogging track. This project has not only enhanced living standards, but also significantly added to Ahmedabad’s environmentally vital green cover. HN Safal’s commitment to address Environmental, Social and Economic challenges through construction excellence is central to practise ethos. Thus being a Socially Responsible Corporate Organization, we have decided to create awareness about the Environment by acknowledging and celebrating the World Environment Day i.e. 5th June, 2014. Ahmedabad even though being one of the fastest developing cities in India as per Forbes magazine (2010), has inadequate Green cover according to the World Health Organisation’s Standards.
We plan to distribute saplings and create awareness among the people on this day. We also urge each and every fellow citizen of the country to join us in this endeavour to protect the environment. It is aptly said “We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors, we have borrowed it from our children.”
New CSR Activity
Decent and Affordable Homes for230 Low Income Families in Gujarat January 2011 - December-2011
Habitat for Humanity is deeply grateful to H N Safal for their generousgap funding of Rs.51 lakhs to provide decent and affordable homes for 230 low income families in Gujarat.
Project Overview
Two hundred and thirty beneficiaries of government housing schemes - Sardar Awas Yojana (SAY) and Indira Awas Yojana (IAY) approached Habitat for Humanity's partner ANaRDe Foundation for financial support to build new houses. Through these government schemes – SAY or IAY, each beneficiary received a grant of Rs. 45,000.
However, this amount was not sufficient to complete the houses.
H N Safal Group bridged this gap through a generous donation and 230 families were able to construct their own homes and gain access to safe and decent shelter.
The project “Decent and Affordable Homes for 230 low income families in Gujarat” supported by H N Safal Group from January - December, 2011 had the following objectives:
1) To support 230 low income families of Gujarat to live in better and affordable homes by constructing new houses.
2) To promote appropriate local construction technology and housing solutions among these families.
The project spanned five districts of Gujarat including Amreali, Himmatnagar, Dharampur (Valsad), Mehsana and Anand. Two hundred and thirty families comprising 1150 individuals have benefitted from the project.
Gujarat, since the ages is proud of its rich heritage and tradition, its culture and economic prosperity. Ahmedabad, the 7th largest city of India, has been the business and financial capital of Gujarat and is proliferating with no boundaries.
With an active involvement of various government and private bodies, Gujarat Institute of Housing and Estate Developers (GIHED) has successfully represented Gujarat as a real estate hub by organizing ‘GIHED Property Show’ every year with over 500 residential and commercial properties to be on display. This mega-event has provided the industry players with great values and benefits, putting forth to them, the immense business possibilities in real estate
GIHED is one of the most eagerly awaited events in Gujarat and Maharashtra. People from all stratums of life dream of having their own house and that is the reason why people find this event as the best way to pick up their kind of property.
HN Safal has been extremely active in such events and that is the reason why the company again chose to become the main sponsorer of the event. HN Safal had the property show in Mumbai on the 10th and 11th of September in association with GIHED and the response there was very positive. People have shown a lot of interest in property market of Ahmedabad and that is always welcoming.
GIHED, Ahmedabad was held for 3 days on the 30th Sep, 1st Oct and 2nd Oct. As expected the response here was alluring and in big number. Property worth Rs 22000 crore was on display at the show and the visitors had plenty to choose from. More than 5 lakh people visited the seventh annual GIHED property show.
Since Flora, Orchid Greenfield, Orchid Harmony and Orchid Elegance are the latest in the pipeline for HN Safal, about 60 percent of the inquiries were related those schemes. Apart from residential segments, inquiries for shops and offices were also on higher side. Like last year HN Safal attracted visitors with a small game and queue’s had to be managed to make them play.
Overall the event was a huge success and footfalls were even higher than before. HN Safal will look forward to such opportunities in future.
The show aims at providing an Interface for the retail and Institutional investors of Gujarat & Maharashtra with national and international financial institutes.
HN Safal, being a leading real estate company in the state of Gujarat. With over 10 years of experience, HN Safal knows the importance of brand awareness. As a part of marketing strategy, HN Safal became the main sponsor of the GIHED Property show for the second consecutive year. As expected, it was a great hit for HN Safal.
There are people who have surplus amount of money with them and prefer parking their money in property as an investment and there are people who want to shift to the house of their dreams and thus it serves both the types..
Booked flat in Bopal? Now, pay more
Get ready to pay more for the flat you booked in Bopal. The urban development department of the government of Gujarat has decided to levy extra charges on realtors operating in Bopal, particularly south Bopal. Now, real estate players will have to pay for getting extra 0.6 FSI (floor space index) and they are going to pass on the additional cost to the customers.
Having received suggestions and objections from all the stakeholders, UDD finally declared TP-III as R-I zone along with TP-I and TP-II as R-II zone. However, it levied additional charges of 40% of jantri rate for offering 0.6 additional FSI in TP-III. So the builders will have to shell out more money to get final approval for their high-rise building plans and building usage permission for their schemes. The realtors will naturally pass on the additional cost to the customers. However, this cost will vary according to saleable area of the scheme.
The realtors are of the opinion that there will not be much increase in the property rates for the customers who have already booked their flats. The increase in the price will be in the range of Rs20 to Rs50 per sq foot depending upon plot size and total marketable area. Uday Vora, managing director of HN Safal, said that the additional cost will not be around Rs20 per sq ft in Safa Parisar taking into consideration plot size and saleable area in our scheme.
"We do not think customers will object to paying a little more," said Vora. Although customers may not be willing to pay more, they will not have any other option as they would not be able to afford to get their booking cancelled as property prices have gone up sharply in the past few years.
"If the customers will not pay additional money, the developers will return their original amount and seek other properties that may not be viable for them," said sources.
As the government has declared TP-II as R-II zone, the future of four schemes in this area is uncertain. Various realtors have planned and even started construction work of four high-rise residential apartment schemes in TP-II of Bopal. If the developers return money to the customers who have already booked their flats, the latter will lose interest as well as they will have to pay higher prices for new property compared to what they have already booked.
Brokers turn builders
After industrial houses, the city's booming realty is luring stock brokers. With shrinking margins on the bourses, a number of them have formally forayed into the business. Some others are silent players, happily leading real estate firms as back-seat drivers.
Dhiren Vora of H Nyalchand Financial Services was a full-time stock broker before he joined Safal group promoter Rajesh Brahmbhatt in 2002. Until the start of 2010, Vora was a silent player while Brahmbhatt was the face of the group.
Recently, Vora and Brahmbhatt split Safal into two companies. While Brahmbhatt controls B Safal, Vora runs HN Safal. "Our entire concentration is on realty business. We found it more lucrative," said Vora, who plans to set up a number of realty projects, including a township.
Three months ago, Khandwala Integrated Financial Services (KIFS), a city-based broking firm, joined hands with Brahmbhatt, who controls B Safal. "We were looking at diversification. The spectacular returns drove us to have some stake in Ahmedabad's growing real estate market," said Jay Bhavsar, director of KIFS.
Another broking firm, Amrapali Capital and Finance Services Ltd, too has systematically diversified into real estate along with entertainment and hospitality businesses due to sinking margins in their core business.
"Brokerage was as high as one per cent in 1992, which has gone down to 0.1 per cent today due to growing competition," says Monal Thakker of Amrapali. According to him, real estate gives 10 times more return on investment compared to traditional stock broking business.
SN Group, on the other hand, has completely transformed from stock broking to real estate in past few years. The firm morphed into Shivalik Realty, which has executed over 50 projects. "Unlike stock broking, there is ample of space to create your own brand. Realty is a more profitable and a less volatile business," says Taral Shah of Shivalik group.