About HN Safal
HN Safal entered the property development business a decade ago. Over the years, through some of the most exciting phases of Gujarat’s evolution as a modern state, we have seen both our track record and reputation grow in a vibrant environment of challenge and change.
The reasons are manifold. We raise the benchmark with each new project that we undertake by constantly innovating, applying cutting-edge technologies, employing contemporary materials, and closely empathizing with customers - thus finally delivering way beyond expectation.
Given this approach, it is no surprise that our projects now cover 20 million square feet of land in and around Ahmedabad. These serve the highest global standards in terms of engineering excellence, design aesthetics and functionality, and demonstrate our commitment to “creating spaces that house happiness”.
Such achievements aside, what really makes us proud is the invaluable capital we have earned as a trustworthy, customer-first enterprise, committed to building relationships as solid as the properties we develop.
Our History
HN Safal has always sought to provide life spaces, not mere properties to be occupied. This means, delivering residential and commercial projects that combine aesthetics with functionality, to impart to residents a sense of well-being – of receiving true value for the investment made.
Achieving customer delight is our objective, and these milestones are testament to just how successfully we have achieved our goal.
  • 2001: Suyog, our first plotted development project, was launched during the devastating Gujarat earthquake. We also built a school in Kutch for the TATA Group in the same year.
  • 2004: Launch of Saket, our first plotted development in the AUDA R3 zone. Here, for the first time, we introduced various thermal insulation environmental interface technologies in our commercial buildings.
  • 2005: We launched our new brand identity with the tag line "beyond walls". This year, Safal Parivesh, a first-of-its-kind residential project in Gujarat with a child-centric design, was also launched.
  • 2006: We rang the curtain up on Safal Pegasus, an environment-friendly business complex. The AUDA Garden Community Park was also built this year.
  • 2007: Safal Vihaan came into being, offering concrete proof of our commitment to “building homes around trees, not trees around homes". Enveloped by an expansive, 527-tree orchard spread over one lac square yards, this property underscores the importance of incorporating nature in our lives.
  • 2008: We launched Sumel Business Park, a commercial project catering to a variety of business needs by offering a host of work-related amenities and ample parking space.
  • 2009: We came up with two residential projects Safal Paramand Safal Parivesh, located at one of the fastest developing areas in Ahmedabad.
  • 2010: We launched three commercial projects Sumel Business Park III, Mondeal Retail Park and Mondeal Business Park, strategically located & catering to a unique business needs.
  • 2011: This year’s most desired township in AhmedabadAppleWoods in which HN Safal’s latest development, featuring Orchid Greenfield, Orchid Harmony and Rivera Blues – all luxurious residences for progressive, upwardly mobile people.
Management Team
Every corporate worth its name owes its success to its people – most importantly, top management.
At the helm of HN Safal is a trio of field-proven manager-visionaries.
Each brings to the table individual skills and perspectives to help the company hold its own against very tough competition in the property development arena, but all are committed to serving the company’s vision of creating living spaces that extend beyond walls to embrace and imbibe nature’s bounty and beauty.
Collectively, senior management experience covers everything from financial and project planning to construction, project completion and marketing.
Needless to say, it is the bedrock that provides the company with a solid foundation.
Our Philosophy
  • To establish leadership across commercial, residential and plotted development segments of the real estate industry, with a commitment to growth and excellence.

  • To adhere to the highest ethical standards, while remaining committed to quality, innovation, technology-empowerment, and customer service.

  • To provide satisfactory services and good value for money throughout the transaction process, right up to post sales and beyond.
Vision Statement
To be the most sought-after, dedicated and dependable name in the realty business, renowned for building signature spaces offering true value for money.
Mission Statement
To be a leader across the commercial, residential and plotted development areas of the real estate industry in India by achieving and maintaining the highest levels of quality in every project.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We at HN Safal are conscious of the fact that our activities have a direct and immediate effect on our employees, stakeholders and society as a whole – not to mention the wider natural world.
Not only do we go out on a limb to preserve natural greenery around sites, but we also try to create a healthy ecosystem wherever possible, comprising gardens, parks and aesthetic water bodies.
For example, at the heart of the Ahmedabad Urban Development Area (AUDA), we have created (and continue to maintain) a 45,000 sq.ft. community park, which boasts verdant landscapes, a children's play area and a jogging track. This project has not only enhanced living standards, but has also significantly added to Ahmedabad’s environmentally vital green cover.
We have a continuing social responsibility towards the people of the area in which we operate - more so towards the less fortunate. In fact, we endeavour to create sustainable economies and transform stagnant lives through an active partnership involving synergized and pro-active hand-holding in the areas of infrastructure, education, health and environment. By living up to such commitments, we are able to develop and sustain long-term relationships and win the goodwill of the common man.
In 2009, Smt. Pratibha Patil, President of India, honored HN Safal with the National Award for the Empowerment of People with Disabilities, for having recruited visually handicapped people and given them a chance to lead a more productive, emotionally fulfilling life.
Recently, HN Safal has done generous gap funding of Rs. 51 lakhs to Habitat for Humanity to provide decent and affordable homes for 230 low income families in Gujarat.
At HN Safal, Corporate and Social Responsibility is not given mere lip service, but is honored in letter, spirit and deed.
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